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June 2, 2012
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Jun 2, 2012, 9:57:05 AM
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Sherman Firefly by WormWoodTheStar Sherman Firefly by WormWoodTheStar
Having witnessed the onslaught of Sherman tanks in North Africa and Southern Europe British designers decided that if they cannot up-armour their Lend-Lease Sherman tanks, they'll at least make them able to fire back at German Panthers and Tigers. The gun of their choice was indigenous Ordnance Quick Firing 17 pounder. Interestingly, the gun was rotated by 90* to fit inside the turret. While it was just barely larger in terms of caliber (76,2 mm) than standard Sherman gun (75 or 76 mm), the muzzle velocity of its projectiles was much higher, and the shells were designed for anti-tank role from start, unlike American Sherman's 75s and 76s, which were good for firing anti-personnel and anti-building shells, but not anti-tank ones. That's how Sherman Firefly, one of the best Allied tanks of WWII, was created. Fireflies could fire back at German tanks and cause serious damage to them, sometimes forcing them to retreat. While Sherman Firefly was still pretty vurnerable to German 75 mm and 88 mm guns, Allied tankmen felt much more confident in Fireflies than standard M4s. Polish Army in the West also used these tanks.

This tank is in running condition. It was brought to Poland from Belgium, but I don't know if it was used by Poles during World War II.
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as ground forces i don't know about polish forces but i do know there was paratrooper unit and they are first dropped on Arnhem by operation market garden
Yes, the 1st Independent Airborne Brigade under the command of general Sosabowski was trained to support country-wide anti-Nazi uprising in Poland if one was ever to break out, but was eventually used in operation Market Garden. Initialy it was not under the command of British forces, but was allocated there when the Allies realised they are far behind the schedule and may not be able to organise their own airborne unit. Sadly the combination of bad weather and poor planning by British high command caused the operation to fail, with heavy losses on Polish side.

Currently the traditions of 1st Airborne Brigade are continued by 6th Airborne Brigade in Poland.
yeah i know my country weather is really awkard back then.. but the never know that full veteran die hard panzer group was resting there. and british does know it but they did not listen and still keep going with the plan.

if they did make changes on the plan than they did win war sooner. how every because of faillure there must be detour and operation Aintree was here even that battle was harder than Cean (on reports i did read from britiish veterans and out of the book) but...if polish amoured group i don't know?
krisiskiller101 Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! This pic is badass!
RTJDudek Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
W rzeczy samej, porządny Sherman, lecz nie zgodzę się co do rzekomych kiepskich właściwości balistycznych armaty 76mm typu M1 - istnieją potwierdzone dowody, że Amerykanie mieli pociski przeciwpancerne o dużej prędkości początkowej typu HVAP z rdzeniem wolframowym, które z odległości kilometra były w stanie przebić 132 mm pancerza.

Na potwierdzenie powyższego faktu polecam książkę Stevena J. Zalogi "Sherman Medium Tank 1942-45" Wyd. Osprey Publishing [link] i [link]
Noooo wreszcie widzę jak ten jedyny Świetlik w naszym kraju i do tego na chodzie wygląda :P...czy muzeum jest czynne codziennie i bez ograniczeń ?
Obawiam się że można wejść tylko grupowo i chyba po załatwieniu przepustek, ale dokładnie nie wiem, bo dziś byłem na dniach otwartych i nic nie było potrzebne. Nie wiem też, czy ten Firefly jest częścią tego muzeum, bo ostatnio (w marcu) jeszcze go nie widziałem.
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