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So, I haven't written anything lately, maybe it's time to do so.

After failing a single exam and being forced to retake the subject I joined history course on my university. Still haven't decided if that was a right or wrong idea.

I got quite a few models in the meantime, but the universe seems to conspire to prevent me from finishing them. For example my MiG-3 was 95% ready, just waiting for me to buy some alcohol and finish weathering... then out of the blue several books on the shelf collapsed and crushed it. Result: broken landing gear (one torn off the guiding port), rocket launchers, antena, one of the propeller's blades went missing. I have a propeller from unsuccesful Revell's counterpart, but it's too big for HB's model, so I'll have to just redo the whole thing (that is, combine Revell's blades and HB's hub) :roll:

In the meantime, I started to rediscover video games. I used to have some on my sister's old PC (Half-Life, Heroes of Might & Magic and some other titles I don't really remember), but it quickly started to fall behind and be unable to run newer games. As it turned out, my laptop is not as bad for gaming as I thought, maybe with the exception that you have to use the "Function" key for some buttons (ie those in the F-XX row above) and that the keyes are rather small, so I keep pressing them by accident. I know, I know, people keep saying "Games are bad for students, you shouldn't spend so much time playing, they'll make your grades lower", blah blah blah, but tell you what: 'tis bullsh*t. So far I haven't had any negative effects from gaming (except sore eyes), quite the opposite - I noticed that I started to solve problems faster and often in more creative ways. Though sometimes they involve crowbaring the sh*t out of the problem.

Right now, my desktop looks like a stereotypical Valve's fanboy's one. So far I finished Portal, and currently I'm working on Half-Life 2. As you might remember, I finished the first part this year, after 10 years of being unable to do so (back then I didn't have the benefit of Google and couldn't find the solution to the elevator glitch which made me unable to progress any further than the We've Got Hostiles chapter), so obviously I had to tackle with part two. I also started playing Team Fortress 2, though I only do so if one of my friend's aviable. My ingame nickname is WhiskyBravo right now, in case we meet on a battlefied. Watch your six, I started to like playing as a Spy :XD: Also I downloaded Mirror's Edge today, but so far I only gave it a test run to see if it works (it does, but my movement coordination leaves much to be desired).

All in all, nothing that much interesting. I'll let you know if something happens, but I don't think I'll go anywhere this year.

EDIT: Oh come on DeviantART, now you change your logo too? What the hell is this even supposed to represent? It doesn't look like anything, maybe except for a fragment of subway map. And that color? Yuck. I give you 2/10 for this new logo.
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Where: Poland
Since when: 2007
Status Active unless occupied with something important.

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