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Alrighty, a quick note to get rid of that depressing entry from my main page:

    Passed two out of three subjects I was worried about, so it's not bad, I still gotta go and talk about the last one (whether I still have any chances with it or if I'll have to retake it the next year).
    Pyrkon is a go; I'm coming as a Pyro, but minus the flamethrower, because I didn't have time to make a proper one. I'll make a fake axe instead, it'll go nicely with the fireman's helmet I have.
    No new models to be expected in the nearest time; I don't have time for them and with every single one I have some problems (e.g. Aichi D3A - needing a new set of decals, AH-1 Cobra - need a new paint, the Messerschmitts - painting troubles, etc.)


EDIT: 10-04-2016

Okay, I won't be making another entry just to say how Pyrkon went.
    Well, overall it was nice. Like I said, I once again went as Pyro from Team Fortress 2, but due to time constraints, I wasn't able to finish my flamethrower; instead, I made an axe with some styrofoam and a wooden handle, and used an old fireman helmet as a "cosmetic item". I also made new grenades (somewhat closer to the originals), bought a bigger mask and painted it (surprisingly, the Pactra model paints were actually quite good for the job - now the paint rubbed off, but didn't flake off like the last year), and my dad bought me some new boots. This year, for change, the suit wasn't coming apart with every step, so I only had to remember not to move my head too much with the helmet on (cause the stripes were too old to be fastened).
    There were downsides too, however. When it comes to my suit, there were several problems which can be shortly put as "It was uncomfortable as f*ck": its base was an old OP-1 hazmat suit, which doesn't let the skin breathe (you know, designed to stop chemical weapons and stuff), so it was all sweaty inside; and the boots were pressing on my toes, so already on day one I got blisters on my feet. That's why I guess it was the last year I'm wearing it; next time, I'm gonna find me something more comfy (I have two ideas, but I wanna wait, maybe something new will pop out).

    When it comes to Pyrkon itself, I really enjoyed meeting with people, both the guys from Pyron group (all TF2 cosplayers) and new guys. It was nice to be asked to have pictures taken with my cosplay, though I think people overestimated its quality ^^; I also liked walking down the market hall, where all the stands were gathered, all filled with various gadgets, ranging from simple shirts, mugs and pins throughs books and comics to the hand-crafted jewelry and costumes. There were cosplayers everywhere, some of them in simple post-apo suits (made of old military clothing bashed together) and some in really well-made, professional-like suits. Some of my personal favourites were Red from Transistor, Immortan Joe from Fury Road (I couldn't resist shouting his name, then as he turned to me, running away shouting "He looked at me!" ^^; ), Rufus from Deponia and the post-apo guy on a tracked wheelchair :laughing: As I expected, the most popular themes were: Star Wars, Mad Max (and other post-apo stuff), Undertale, Deadpool and other characters from Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was really fun to see so many people showing off what their passions are.

    However, compared to the last year, the biggest downside of this year's Pyrkon was the location. In 2015, it was held in the western half of the Poznan International Fair, which consists of a wide alley with buildings to each side. There is quite a lot of plantlife as well. You could access it from two sides, with the northern and western entrances, the former being the closest to my home. Also, everyone's favourite hall, the so-called "4Pac" (buildings 7, 7a, 8 and 8a), connected with a roofed passage with trees growing under it, was located there. It was one of the favourite spots for the cosplayers or just people trying to find each other (it's hard to miss when you're meeting "in that hall with trees"). And it was really convinient to move around there, with everything concentrated in those four connected buildings, and the lecture hall just a stone's throw away.
    This year, however, Pyrkon was held in the eastern half of the Fairs, which consists of one big building and two slightly smaller, separated by a big, empty square (yellow area here; last year it was held in the blue and green arena). Well, "empty", it was cramped with two buses where you could donate blood and small gated arenas where events such as swordfighting were held. So you could either sit there or pick the gaming/market hall, which quickly got all crowded. To be honest, knowing that more and more people visit Pyrkon each year, I was surprised it was relocated to somewhere that certainly feels smaller (and most likely just is) compared to last year. The combination of the one big hall, the square and also the poor weather (grey clouds across the sky, compared to sunny and clear sky in 2015, though this part you just can't do anything about) gave a real depressing feeling.
EDIT: turns out the 4Pac building was being renovated this year. That gives us hope that Pyrkon 2017 will be held there \o/

So all things considered, I like it this year, but not as much as the last one. Maybe there were several factors behind it: the new location, the uncomfy suit, the fact I went all alone this year and the fact I've spent so much money on the cosplay I had little to spare on Pyrkon itself. Or maybe it's just that the last three months were really bad and I haven't recovered enough to enjoy Pyrkon to its fullest yet. Whatever the cause, I'm gonna go there the next year too, and I'm already looking forward to it. Let's just hope it'll be held in the vicinity of the 4Pac building, and - guessing that it'll be held after Easter, as usual, which in 2017 falls on April 16th - the weather will be a little better :wave:

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