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Yes, in my last journal I promised I'll give you a report from Pyrkon and stuff, but life proved more absorbing. Again.

Pyrkon itself proved to be a blast. This year, as you could see in my gallery, I went there dressed as Pyro, everyone's beloved mumbling pyromaniac from Team Fortress 2. On my way through the fairs, I've been asked for a photo by anywhere between 20 and 40 people, not including those who took a picture as I passed by them. I also met a group of other TF2 cosplayers, and we'd spend much of the time posing for pictures or just randomly strolling in the fairs. On the last day, though, I decided to leave the costume at home and attend the shops, because I was afraid that if I show up in the crowded trade hall, I'd either damage someone or have my costume damaged, and I still intend to use it on other convents (well, one at least - Polcon 2015).

After the Pyrkon tho, I've realised how much I still have to do before finals, and what had to be done before my BA thesis exam. Many sleepless nights occured, as I tried to pass my tests before the finals. And once these arrived, I've tried my best not to fail any of them, because: 1. there were only two exams this year, and it would be a major dishonor to fail any of them, 2. I really wanted a free September, in case me and my girlfriend wanted to go somewhere. Against my fears, though, I passed all the subjects with ease.

Next, my BA thesis. I was afraid that there will be obstacles in my way, and of course, there was one - one day I learned my teacher was on a sick leave, then it turned out she's pregnant and won't come back this year. So I had to sign for a new exam board, do some paperwork etc. Just the usual luck. Fortunately, it all went well: I might not have scored the best grades, but at least, for the first time, I have no retakes in September. Aww yiss.

In the meantime, I've managed to attend Aerofestival Poznan, the first major air show there since 1991 display, also on Ławica airfield. It was awesome seeing all these machines in flight, especially the vintage ones (de Havilland Vampire fighters being my favourites), and since most of them were also on the static display, it was easier for me to take some pictures. However the logistics were somewhat flawed: there were very long lines everywhere, and since the air show was organised on a grass field between the landing strip and the airfield's edge, there was very little shade to hide from the sun. Also, the airport obviously could not be closed, so the aerial displays had to be interrupted by long pauses, so the commercial airliners could land. In a hindsight, I think it'd be better in the future if such air shows are organised in nearby air club's airfield, which is smaller, but can still be used by most of the aircraft that were on static display, with the exception of jets (four of which, 2x Panavia Tornado and 2x BAe Hawk, were set on a concrete runway).

Of course all of the above ment that I've spent very little time at home, and it had the direct effect on lack of progress in model making. I've only finished Me 262 and RWD-5bis, which were in pretty advanced state before and only needed the final touch. I've even made a list of my unfinished models, eventually reaching 28 positions :o Well, my priorities for now - meaning the models I intend to finish ASAP - are (1/72 scale unless stated otherwise): Hawker Fury fighter (mostly painted and assembled, needs decals and weathering), An-2 (partially painted with hull and lower wings assembled), Bf-109 (a gift from my girlfriend; assembled but mostly unpainted) and the Horten Ho 229 (mostly assembled and the first coat of paint applied).

However, it will all depend on how much time I can spend making them and whether I'll have all the materials (while I'm in Poznan I can go to the model shop on my way from school if I need something, but once I get back home - 30 km from Kalisz model shop - even a simple lack of paint or glue might get a bit more problematic).

Aside from that, I've also collected quite a few games I have to finish. While everyone's getting hyped over The Witcher 3, I'm catching up with the 3rd person RPG genre and exploring Vizima's streets and swamps in the first game of the franchise ;P I also have to get my ass to finish Half-Life 2 and its episodes, because with my current progress both HL3 and Portal 3 will be released before I finish :laughing: Plus Transistor and Valiant Hearts, however since they were gifts from my girlfriend, I only play them with her by my side, so we can follow the storyline together o/

Well then. It seems that fate has decided to make up for the last five sh.tty years. Lets see how long this lasts :XD:
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